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white garden plant protection fleece 1.5m x 8m


  • White Garden Fleece Plant Protection 1.5m x 8m
  • Protects seeds, bedding plants, fruit and salad crops
  • Protects against bird insect and frost damage
  • Porous fabric allows for watering without removal
  • As used by professional growers.

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Plant Cover Frost & Insect Protection Fleece Transparent Sheet Roll Garden Plant

Measures: 8m x 1.5m (26ft x 5ft) approx.
Protect plants from snow, hail, frost in the winter and insects, birds during the growing season
Increases the temperature and humidity under the cover of providing optimal conditions for the development of fruit and vegetables
This durable plastic sheeting can be used in a number of ways
Protect your plants with the Frost and Insect Protection Fleece, which will ensure that neither cold weather or garden pests can disrupt your garden plans.
Getting the right plants in the right place is one of the main pleasures when it comes to gardening. Watching them thrive is another, which is why you don’t want all your hard work to be undone by a sudden cold snap, or a break out of plant pests.

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