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500pc cotter pin assortment


500pc. cotter pin assortment.

Contents:- 150pc x 1.5×25.4mm, 150pc x 2.4×25.4mm, 85pc x 2.4×38.1mm, 60pc x 3.2×31.2mm, 35pc x 3.2×50.8mm, 20pc x 4.0×63.5mm.

In a plastic storage box.


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500 Piece Cotter Pin Split Pin Fixings Securing Pins Assortment
In Carry Case
A wide selection of pins for All your securing needs

Contains :
150 pieces 1.6 x 25.4mm
150 pieces 2.4 x 25.4mm
85 pieces 2.4 x 38.1mm
60 pieces 3.2 x 31.2mm
35 pieces 3.2 x 50.8mm
20 pieces 4.0 x 63.5mm

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